Alyssa Dale

I’m not here to glorify where I’ve been or what I’ve done. I’m here to shed some light on the work God has done in me and for my life. Before U-Turn For Christ, my life was a playground for the enemy. My days were drowned in booze, men, parties, and drugs.

This is my second trip to U-Turn For Christ. The first time I only went through Phase One, but I was only setting myself up for failure in the end. Coming in this second time, I was in the same place spiritually, mentally, and physically – the exact same things that brought me here the first time. My life wasn’t the worst it could be, but I have lived my fair share of disobedience and sin.

Either I could blame everything and everyone else like “how I was raised,” or I could admit the reality of the matter that I’m simply a sinner saved by grace. After my first attempt at U-Turn For Christ, I returned home after only completing Phase One, and life was good. I got plugged into a church, and God blessed me with a fantastic job, a car, a family of fellowship, and much more. But in time, the things God had blessed me with started becoming the things I idolized in place of Him.

Not long after, I found myself knocking at the door of U-Turn for a second time. Thank God I did. I’m here today serving in the second phase on the ranch. I now know He is making and molding me the way He sees fit. God has put in me a new spirit. Not every day is easy, but every day is worth it because I stand today free in His victory. Christ’s changes in me are beyond what I’d ever asked for. All I wanted was to be clean. But He gave me life, showed me the meaning of love (Proverbs 10:12), and how to serve with a genuine heart of joy and walk in the spirit when I feel like drowning myself in my flesh. There is an out, and I’ve been allowed to experience it, but I’ve also been brought to the reality that it only comes through Jesus Christ. -Alyssa