Kimberly Nelson

My name is Kimberly Nelson. I grew up in New Mexico and was involved in church from a young age. I had never really been a troublemaker. I experienced alcohol at 19, and addiction became a stronghold in my life. I came to U-Turn in 2012 where I fully developed an understanding of God’s grace. I left thinking I could make it on my own. I married and had two beautiful kids while under the control of alcohol in my life. I lost sight of God and His will for me. For six years I chose self, alcohol, money, drugs, men, and even my job over what was truly important. Alone, sick in my room, tired of life and with nothing left, a verse kept speaking to my heart: “Jesus said to his disciples ‘If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, take up his cross, and follow Me'” (Matt 16:24). I knew God was speaking to me in that moment. I knew I needed Him. He was the only way out of the mess I’d created. Finally at the end of myself, I quit my job and two days later I returned to the Ranch to allow God to finish what he had begun (Phil 1:6). That’s when I had to face the consequences of my sin. Today I’m done running and can trust God, knowing that (Romans 8:28), ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD! I’m walking by faith and not by sight, knowing that He has a plan so much better than anything I could imagine.