Rene Fuentes

I grew up in a La Puente, California. I’m the middle child of three. Having two working parents growing up made it easy to get into trouble. I was 14 years old when I first tried Ecstasy. It made me feel an overwhelming of great happiness or joyful excitement. I then began to use Crystal Meth, Alcohol, Cocaine, and Marijuana.

I dropped out of school when I was 17. My father put me to work in the Labor Union. I was making good money and had a nice truck, and life seemed to be good. I continued to party hard, which led to two DUIs then I lost my job and my truck.

Shortly after, I met my future wife. We had two boys and a stepdaughter. I continued with this reckless lifestyle, addicted to alcohol and anything else I could get my hands on. I surrounded myself with gang members (who were also addicted to drugs). I was living a life full of sin, sickness and was unemployed. I hit rock bottom. I got sick with diabetes, diabetic neuropathy, my liver was showing damage, and I was losing my kids. I was given a choice, U-Turn For Christ or the street. My family had given up on me, and I was in a dark place.

Then Lord meets me at U-Turn For Christ. I surrendered my life, and God slowly restored me, stretched me, and called me into worship (something I never did before but had a desire to do). During Phase Two, I took up a leadership role that was offered to me. Instead of going to work, I served full-time on the ranch. The Lord even restored my family. I got my kids back, and He is also restoring my marriage. The Lord has now blessed me with a great job and a home for my family. I’m so grateful to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for saving my life. He has truly made beauty out of ashes. I look forward to seeing where the Lord is going to take me. I thank God for leading me to U-Turn For Christ. My new life begins in Christ. Thank you, U-Turn For Christ. Your faithfulness in serving the Lord, Jesus Christ, has touched my life.