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    Addiction recover

    If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, it’s important to get help as soon as possible. U-Turn for Christ can provide the tools and support necessary to overcome addiction and build a healthy, sober life.

    “Uturn for Christ is an amazing program that directs & leads you to Jesus Christ! It was the tool that changed my life and has given me freedom from addiction. They lead and guide you to the Lord through the word of God. I went through the program 3 years ago and have victory in my life today like never before! The structure, love and spiritual direction given to me through this program restored my walk with the Lord, my marriage, my kids as well everything that I was given back and more in my life!”

    — Malina Matheson

    “My husband and I had been separated for 3 years we had 3 kids and we were broken. I told people and family that I would never give him another chance because enough was enough. But what I didn’t count on was U Turn for Christ. They completely gave him life with God in hand. I thank God for this amazing facility. It’s not a vacation, people neeed to understand that when families are broken there is limited things that can be done and this facility did just that. Don’t be afraid because the place isn’t nice or even sanitary, (no they won’t get any infection or get ill) it’s the type of place that shows you what rock bottom looks like. Then it gives it a twist and says but what you never had in your life was God and he restores everything. I recommend this place to anyone that has tried everything else for there loved ones and I didn’t work. Let God do his work because he made a miracle in my husband.”

    — Veronica Guerra