Temecula Addiction Treatment Center

Court approved, residential drug and alcohol rehab center serving Temecula, CA

Phase 1

Phase One of our rehabilitation program, participants start out by spending a minimum two months at the U-Turn For Christ Perris, California ranch location. They reside in one large room filled with bunks and enjoy military style housing that promotes healthy fellowship among others who are also in recovery. The daily chores allow them time to engage not only spiritually but physically as well; they’re able participate morning devotions or Bible study each day while getting some exercise outside during free moments too.

Temecula addiction treatment program

Phase 2

Participants in Phase Two of our Temecula addiction treatment center can choose from two paths – returning to work, paying a monthly donation and attending church service with the first phase participants or committing six months’ worth of service towards God as part o his ministry. The second choice comes at considerable sacrifice; those who partake have no regrets because they know it is bringing them closer than ever before toward fulfilling their purpose on earth!

General Information about our Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center serving Temecula & Surrounding Areas

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  • U-Turn For Christ is a 2-month minimum Temecula addiction treatment center, where the participant will live on-site at our Ranch for two months and be discipled through the Word of God.

    Everything is done according to the Bible (No psychology nor 12 steps).

    U-Turn For Christ is a working ministry, and we also do volunteer work on the Ranch and throughout the community.

    We are a smoke-free, tobacco-free product facility (No patch or Nicorette).

    No phone calls or e-mails are allowed in or out during the participant’s two month stay. All communication, with the exception of visiting day, is to be done by postal mail only.

    Visiting begins on the first Sunday following a 14 day probationary period and continues every Sunday after that. Visitation hours are from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM but are limited to immediate family only. (Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Spouse, and/or Children.) No Fiancés, girlfriends, or boyfriends.

    All court appointees must complete the first and second phases of the program for a total of eight months minimum.