Real stories from people who have gone through our addiction recovery program.


I came to U-turn in April 2017 and graduated first phase along with a floater month. When I came back home I started hanging out with the knuckleheads I did before. When bad news came, instead of crying out to the Lord and completely surrendering, I held onto that anger and ended up diving back into drugs again.

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Patrick Paz

Every day I wake up I am grateful to be alive. To be free from the bondage of my sin. To be a testimony of a broken man coming before the Lord with gratitude for my life. But it hasn’t been without a struggle that I have come to that point.

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Pastor Mike Knox

For too long I lived a violent and selfish life that included gangs, drugs and many years in prison. In 2012 the Lord used a 71 year old lady and her husband to begin to soften my heart and that was the beginning of my walk with the Lord. When I arrived at U-Turn for Christ I was broken and in need of a deeper relationship with the Lord and that is exactly what I found. The Lord broke through in my life in a powerful way and I have found a joy and faith in my God that I never had nor did I think was possible. I am so grateful for my new life in Christ.


Icela Ramirez (Izzy)

I’ve been struggling with my addiction for a few years. About 4 years ago I was diagnosed with PTSD and depression. Then in September 2020, I began hearing voices and having a mental breakdown, and ended up at the mental health facility.


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Kerry Barnett 

I was born in Lagrange Texas. I grew up in church, received Jesus Christ as my personal savior at 11, and was discipled at 12. My family and I moved to Brazil as missionaries when I was 17. I was there for over a year. Upon returning to the U.S. I met my wife to be and we had 3 beautiful kids.

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Alyssa Neag

I grew up in Upland and besides my parents never getting along, I had a good childhood. I danced as a kid and grew up in a Catholic church. We were Sunday church goers but I had no idea who God really was.

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