Johnny Sotello

As far back as I can remember, I’ve felt alone. I have abused every drug under the sun and felt like a piece of a puzzle in street gangs and prison; after decades in the streets I believed that was to be my destiny. I abused and corrupted everything in my path, and everyday people became speed bumps in my road. Drugs and alcohol could not fix my pain even when heroin became my best friend. I had no relationship with the Lord. I had only pain in my heart and I blamed God for all my heartache and failures.

I ran the streets looking for things to ease that pain, but only graduated to prison. My etiquette became that of prison protocols where there is no place for weakness. I began living my life of false pride and putting on a mask to cover the pain I was in. When I came to U-Turn For Christ, my lifestyle was insane and it came down to, “Do I want to live or die?“ I chose to live, and I surrendered my life and will to Jesus Christ, and by His grace and my obedience, the Lord sent the Holy Spirit into my soul. Today I am an honest man of integrity who walks boldly before my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He has restored family relationships that I thought were irreparable. He has given me the heart of compassion and joy. I have no fear anymore and know the Lord is not finished with me yet. -Johnny Sotello