Michelle Mealy

I grew up in San Diego, blessed to have a family that believes in Christ. I grew up in the church. I knew God, but I have never had a deep and meaningful relationship with the Lord like I do now due to coming to Uturn for Christ. The road to get here was a bit rough. I found myself in a toxic abusive relationship, I turned my back on God, my family, and anything that was positive for me. Fast forward almost 6 years and with the help of God and my family I was able to pull myself out of that destructive environment. Instead of finding my solace and new season in God, I turned to a life of drugs, alcohol, addiction, more pain, along with 2 DUIs. My behavior during these years left me in a tight spot with the ones I love, so much so that they knew I needed help and pointed me into the world of U-Turn for Christ. Which has completely transformed my life. I feel alive again

and it’s only by the Love of Christ that I have been baptized and rededicated my life to my Savior and am serving the community around me at the U-Turn For Christ Thrift Store. I couldn’t be more thankful to be where I am today and aim to continue to share the Love that God has for his children with those around me. James 1: 2-5