U-TURN FOR CHRISTFreedom From Drugs and Alcohol Through Jesus Christ
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I am well acquainted with the ministry of U-Turn For Christ and Gerry Brown. To my estimation it is one of the most effective ministries I know of in helping men turn their lives around. At the present time we employ many of the men whose lives were being destroyed by drugs and alcohol, but were rehabilitated through this ministry. These men are now living very productive lives. Without reservation I can highly recommend this ministry.
Pastor Chuck Smith Founder of Calvary Chapel
Women and alcoholism ruled over me and I became a slave to these things in my quest to be a slave to nothing. My standards for good, and my world, shrank over time. The only thing that I had left to hold onto was that at least I was hurting only myself. Until, while drunk, I caused a car accident and did hurt people. I had nothing, and I had to change. I came to U-Turn for Christ about 20 months ago and finally switched over to God being the number one in my life. I came to understand God wants all of me, not just some of me. I poured into my Word and listened to the council of those in authority over me. I realized that I had been living life autonomously, a law unto myself, and I needed to live theonomous, meaning governed by God. With God as my foundation, I have been slowly restored. I still have things to work on, but I am no longer going at it alone; I am doing it with someone who is in a position to know and that is Jesus Christ.
Jacob Stewart
I started using speed when I was 12 years old. I started getting kicked out of school for drugs, fighting, being involved in gang activity, and other things. Eventually I just stopped going to school. Living on my own since I was 14 years old, I was completely lost in my addiction, in and out of jail, with no sense of direction. I met Thomas when I was 18 years old, both of us living on the streets of Orange County California. Little did I know that God was using him to bring me here to U-Turn For Christ. We both completed first and second phase of the ministry, and were married here. We both still serve in this beautiful ministry. I am an assistant overseer for the Women’s Ranch, and my husband serves as an usher at Calvary Chapel Romoland. I can’t thank God enough for what He has done in our lives, blessing us with a beautiful son, Thomas Jr., and a wonderful family, U-Turn For Christ. Thank You Jesus!
Crystal Mendez